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By "thinking globally and acting locally," we incorporate the knowledge and expertise of all those who work with us, never forgetting what is requested of us by our partners, friends, and clients.

Trendt is an international consultancy firm headquartered in the UAE. We focus on promoting international trade, preparing applications, and monitoring incentive systems.

Our services range from planning to implementing business growth.

During the planning stage, we draw up a growth strategy, in partnership, and outline its implementation, thereby identifying resource needs and possible funding sources.
During the implementation stage, using our international network, we guarantee to identify markets and contacts with potential customers up to the negotiation phase.

There are two ways of setting up a business in the UAE!

- forming a company in one of the free trade zones (there are several) in which the investor may be the sole stockholder and manager, with the possibility of obtaining residency for up to five people per company. In this case, the company is not allowed to do business with any Emirate in the UAE. In other words, the company can only operate outside the UAE.

- forming an LLC in one of the Emirates; in this case, a majority equity interest (51% or more) must belong to a UAE citizen; it is also possible to obtain visas for several company members of staff; the 51% local equity requirement can be bypassed with notarized constitutional documents.